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What is Kief? And 6 ways to use it: Marijuana Tips & Tricks Cannabasics #4

Today we are talking about kief and several ways that you can use it.

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What is Kief?

Kief is a concentrated form of cannabis created by removing the resin glands, or trichomes, from the cannabis bud. Trichomes can be seen as the crystals or fuzzy coating of the flowers which falls off easily. These resin glands contain the largest portion of cannabinoids, the chemicals occurring naturally in Cannabis that get you high. By removing these glands from the plant material the concentration of these chemicals can be far greater in lief than in ground buds. Kief can be collected from grinders, containers or extracted using dry ice and other methods.

Method 1. Roll it in a joint

Probably the easiest ways to enjoy kief is to smoke it. It can be smoked like cannabis flowers but it can be a little messy and tricky to deal with. Using a joint to smoke it with flowers is really convenient. It can be beneficial when rolling it in a joint to put some flowers in first, then add the kief and top the kief with some more flowers. This will put the kief in the center of the joint and help it burn more evenly when you smoke it. Now you can like and smoke your joint just like any other but with a more potent payload pot.

Method 2. Pack it on top of a bowl

The hands down easiest way to smoke your kief is to just drop it on top of a bowl with some bud underneath it to keep it from falling into the air hole. Then you smoke it just as you do marijuana flowers alone. You may notice with kief though that it will stay lit and can burn away between hits, especially if there is a draft or a breeze. So keep that bowl puffing or passing.

Method 3. Heat and Press into Hash

Kief is often made into Hash as well. this done with heat and pressure and there are a lot of ways that you can do it. Here is a really simple method that is a quick way to illustrate how hash is made but is certainly not the most refined way to make quality hash.  But if you have a hair straightener and some parchment paper you can quickly press some hash. Simply scoop some kief into a folded piece of parchment paper. Put the straightener on high, or whichever setting you find best for your preferences through trial and error.  Now be careful not to burn yourself and press the  kief in between the hot plate flattening and compressing the resin glands together and also heating and bursting them so the melt together and form semi rigid but brittle wafers of activated hash that can be used to make tea or edibles or simple packed into a bowl and smoked. You do not need to put flowers underneath this hash as it will hold it’s shape when smoked and not suck through the air hole like the uncompressed kief.

Method 4. Pollen Press Cakes

A pollen press is a simple and inexpensive tool readily available online that makes it very easy to press kief into pellet shaped cakes that are easy to quantify and store. The device is a barrel shaped piece of cylinder with caps that screw together on each end. Weights that go inside will compress the kief as the ends are screwed in together. You can put as little as a quarter gram and up to a couple of grams into most pollen press tubes. In this example we put about 1 gram of kief into the press and compressed it into this small, hard pellet of kief. You could also add heat and repeat the heat and pressure to further process these type of pellets into a hard, dark hash.

Method 5. Make eCig Juice

Another really cool way you can use kief is to make your own eCig juice that can be used discreetly with any fillable vaporizer tank made for liquids or eCig juice. For this you use Vegetable Glycol and Propylene Glycol, both of which you can get online for pretty cheap. You also need  some large syringes and a double boiler for this method.You can also add some non-nicotine ecig juice if you want to add flavor like lemon or berry to your juice. You can experiment with the ratios but I like a 50/50 mix of vegetable glycol which is very thick and propylene glycol that is much thinner. This ratio provides a nice viscosity, good infusion and excellent puffs. You can dump the kief directly into the mixture and let it infuse over the heat until the the has melted into the glycol. The mixture is then filtered through  a coffee filter to remove the remaining plant material. The filter is squeezed being careful not to bust it open as you do not want any plant material in your juice. Now the juice is added into the tank of your vaporizer pen or sub-ohm mod and you can puff away with a nice flavor and effects and a very discreet look and smell.

Method 6. Use for Infused Recipes

As mentioned earlier, kief is also excellent for cooking infused recipes. You can make canna butter with kief or replace the cannabis in most recipes with a smaller amount, even 1/2 to 1/3 less, than dried cannabis flowers. You can also add kief into a recipe with cannabis flowers to increase the potency. Kief when used in cooking has a much milder flavor than flowers as much of the terpenes, chlorophyll and other flavors are reduced drastically when cooking with kief.

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