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Weed Hacks #6: How to Make a Better Sploof to Hold Down the Smell of Smoking Cannabis

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A lot of smokers have heard the term sploof and perhaps made one of hardly effective paper towel and dryer sheet contraptions in college to help mask the smell of your weed in the dorm. But today we will learn how to make an improved and more effective version of the classic spoof as well as take a look at the highly effective commercial version of the Sploof called the Sploofy. (Learn more about/ buy the Sploofy here:

An empty paper towel roll, some fabric softener dryer sheets and a couple of paper towels, a lot of us may remember making a Sploof with these common household items . Popular mostly in college dorms and parents’ basement slo help mask the smell of our marijuana smoke these crude devices are made by stuffing some wadded up paper towels into an empty paper towel roll and then loading it full with several more crumpled up dry fabric softener sheets. The stronger the scent of the sheets the better they would work to mask the odor. But to be honest, compared to options available today the classic spoof is not very effective at masking the smell and doesn’t reduce the amount smoke discharged into the air enough to even acknowledge.

Here is what you’ll need to make a better Sploof:
– A light duty drill with both a large bit, about 1/2” or larger and a small bit around 1/8” or smaller
– Some active charcoal
– A couple of coffee filters
– Some large empty medicine containers

The container you may get at the cannabis dispensary when you buy over 1/4 oz. of medicine and also often available at drug stores or online from Amazon for about a buck. The size we used is about 5.5 inches tall and about 2 inches in diameter and has a pop top style top. But you could just as easily use a screw on lid style medicine containers. You could also try this with other size and shape containers and we encourage youth recycle anything food-safe and readily available.

The first step in making our better spoof is to make our mouthpiece air hole. We will do this on the sealed bottom end of the container. A lot of the container have a dimple in the center to help guide the larger of our drill bit into the center which is where we need to frill through completely. Clean off the plastic shavings and smooth out any snags and we have now completed our mouthpiece air hole.

Now switch to the smaller drill bit and flip the container over so the flip top or screw top is facing upward. If using the screw top leave it screwed all the way on to make it easier to handle. Now we will drill an array of 10 to 20 holes depending on the size of your drill bit. We are trying to diffuse the escaping air so as many small holes that you can make without compromising the integrity of the lid will work be best.

Now the vessel of our better sploof is finished and we move on to the next step. For this step we will need the active charcoal pellets. You can find this online that is made for smoking and filtering purposes as well as at the pet store in the fish department for filtering water in fish tanks, you only need about 6 ounces for 1 sploof but it will need to be replaced over time.

Similar to the classic but sploof you use coffee filter which is finer and offers more filtering than a paper towel, but you could use paper towels in a pinch You wad the paper up loosely and press it as flatly and every into the bottom of the sploof. Use a knife end or a long tool to press the filter into the bottom of the and make sure the entire floor of the container is covered so none of the charcoal gets to your mouth.

Now use a funnel to keep the mess down and fill the container with the active charcoal. As a bonus hack, if you do not have a proper funnel you can cut the top off of a soda bottle, make sure it’s clean and invert it into the container for a quick easy funnel. You will want to fill the container almost all the way to the top, leaving only enough room for another coffee filter and for the top to close fully. Also at the exhaust end you could use dryer sheets instead of the coffee filter to add even more of the classic sploof effectiveness to this improved design.

Now you close the top securely and the new improved sploof is ready to use. This sploof works basically the same as other so to be effective you should use a pipe or vaporizer that does not keep burning between or after each hit defeating the purpose altogether. But once you do inhale the smoke you hold it until you get the sploof with the big hole facing your mouth and seal your lips as best as possible. Now exhale slow and steadily through the active charcoal. Unlike the classic sploof this will reduce both the amount of smoke exhaled but more so the smell of that smoke. Rather than mask the smell it is actually diminished and although nowhere near 100% effective it is vastly better than the classic sploof especially when using the dryer sheets in combination with the charcoal.

But for ultimate effectiveness it is really hard to beat the commercially available Sploofs on the market such as the Smoke Buddy and the RuffHouse favorite known as the Sploofy.

Using similar elements as the improved sploof in this video, the Sploofy has advanced technology, refinement and cost on it’s side but most of all, the Sploofy is highly effective. It nearly seems like magic how well the simple device leverages it’s multiple filters and airflow to completely eliminate the smoke and odor of even the biggest bong rip. If discretion in smell is important to you is would benefit you greatly to check the Sploofy for under twenty bucks. Check the description or screen for a link to learn more about the Sploofy.

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