How To Make CBD Oil With A Rosin Press: Cannabasics #116

Learn How To Make CBD Oil With A Rosin Press Today On Cannabasics #116.

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What you need:

Rosin Press
High CBD Hemp
Parchment Paper
Pollen Press
Cold Pack (Frozen)
Scraper tool


  1. Preheat rosin press to 220°F
  2. Weigh out 1 gram of high CBD hemp, pack it into and press in the pollen press
  3. Center the puck into a double layer of parchment
  4. Place into press, press closed slowly over about 30 seconds 
  5. Press until fully locked, let percolate another 1 – 2 minutes.
  6. Remove from press and immediately place on cold pack for 1 minute.
  7. Use scraping tool to remove CBD oil from the parchment for use and/or storage.

Kief to Rosin Press to Cannabis e Juice (Part 3 Terps Based e Juice)

Learn How to Make Dry Ice Kief to use in Rosin Press to finally make Cannabis e Juice with terps today on Part 3 (Terpenes E Juice) of Cannabasics #109.

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Dry Ice Kief to Rosin Press to Cannabis e Juice (Part 2) Cannabasics #109

Learn How to Make Dry Ice Kief to use in Rosin Press to finally make Cannabis e Juice with terps today on Part 2 of Cannabasics #109.

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Chocolate Crisp Bar Cannabis Edibles with Rosin Recipe

Learn How To Make Chocolate Crisp Cannabis Edibles with Rosin Wax today on Cannabasics Episode #104

Chocolate Crisp Bar Cannabis Edibles with Rosin Recipe


  • 2 Grams rosin press cannabis wax
  • 2 Teaspoons butter/ coconut oil
  • 6 oz. melting chocolate chips
  • ¼ cup Crisp Rice Cereal


  1. Melt butter oil, dissolve rosin into oil.
  2. Combine infused oil and chocolate in a double boiler. Melt, stirring constantly.
  3. Mix crisp rice cereal into hot chocolate mixture, stirring to combine well.
  4. Pour into candle molds and chill.
  5. Remove from freezer, remove from molds and wrap for storage.

Keep refrigerated for up to 6 weeks. 

Makes about 2 – 4 oz. bars (8 – 12 servings)

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How to Make Rosin Chip Cannabutter & Amazing Cannabis Brownies

Learn How to Make Rosin Chip Cannabutter & Amazing Cannabis Brownies Today on Cannabasics #103. This episode is sponsored by online head shop! Save $$$ with the code RUFFHOUSE Not only is pressing your own rosin a great non-chemical way to extract cannabis concentrates, it’s also an awesome way to make sure you get the most out of your cannabis if you save the leftover rosin chips to make edibles and/ or tinctures. Today we will cover my favorite and most thorough method yet of making cannabis butter with leftover rosin chips. And then I will share my simple, yet delicious “Dank Forest Weed Brownies Recipe” with you.

Rosin Chip Cannabutter Recipe


  • Rosin Chips
  • Butter
  • Emulsifier (Sunflower/ Soy Liquid Lecithin)


  1. Decarb
  2. Clarify
  3. Emulsify
  4. Infuse
  5. Strain

What Are Cannabis Rosin Chips? And 3 Ways to Use Them

Today we learn what Cannabis Rosin Chips are and look at 3 ways to use them on Cannabasics Episode 98

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Often when I make a video using cannabis rosin chips in a recipe for instance I am confronted with questions such as, “What are rosin pucks?”, or, “Where do I buy rosin chips?” This leads me to believe that explaining to  those who don’t know what rosin chips are would be a good idea.

Rosin chips, or rosin pucks, are the byproduct of making rosin press cannabis wax. In this process, dried cannabis flowers are squeezed into a disk or thin block and sandwiched between parchment paper. This is then put into a rosin press which incorporates two heated plates that come together and squeeze, often with tons of pressure and with a temperature somewhere around 200°F for a couple of minutes. The rosin or concentrated solvent-less wax, is subsequently made molten and squeezed outward away from the plant material. This leaves a ring of the rosin wax surrounded the flattened paper thin rosin chip.

Pressing cannabis into rosin is usually done more for the actual rosin that is pressed out but even the best rosin press devices do not get all of the THC and oils out of flower. So these chips that are left over actually have several good used other than to level your table leg.

  1. Make Edibles: It is really easy to make edibles with rosin chips. Essentially you do it exactly as you would when making edibles with cannabis flower. Crumble it into an oven safe dish, cover and decarboxylate to insure you’ve activate the THC. About 25 minutes at 250°F should do it. Then infuse into your favorite clarified butter, coconut oil or cooking oil of your choice. Strain out the oil from the rosin chips and store the oil and now you can discard the chips.
  2. Make e juice/ gel caps: Another method of extracting the THC and other cannabinoids and oils is to use ethyl alcohol. Simply cover the crumbled chips in a heat safe dish with 190 proof Golden Grain or Everclear from the liquor store. Place it in a hot water bath to heat lightly. Stir and replace with fresh hot water every few minutes for 15 to 20 minutes. Then strain out the tincture from the rosin chips and discard the chips. Continue reducing the mixture in hot water baths until thickened. Finish the purge in an oven at 250° for a few minutes until thickened and fully purged. Now you can mix with Wax Liquidizer for e juice or coconut oil to fill gel caps.
  3. Press them again: Another thing you can do with the rosin chips if you want even more wax is to press them again. For this I stack 3 chips on top of one another and place into 2 layers of parchment as the rigid edge of the pucks may rip the inner parchment. I raise the temperature of my press 15 – 20 degrees higher than the original press and press them again for 2 – 3 minutes at full pressure. My yield is much less of course and the flavor may be less pleasing due to burning off terpenes but it’s better than throwing it away as waste and much better than going without cannabis!

So the next time you press rosin be sure to collect those pucks and make yourself up a big ole’ batch of weed brownies or gel tabs for your next long trip and save yourself some money! If you need a good rosin press I definitely recommend the portable personal MyPress Rosin Press. You can save money with the code RUFFHOUSE at

Instruction videos for ways to use cannabis rosin chips:

Rosin Chip Cannabis e Juice:

Rosin Chip THC Gel Caps:

Rosin Chip Cannabutter:

Rosin Chip Slow Cooker Cannabutter:

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How To Press Rosin with Micron Bags for Cleaner Dabs & Cannabis e-Juice

Learn How To Use Micron Bags for Cleaner Rosin Press Dabs and Cannabis e-juice today on Cannabasics #91.  Wax Liquidizer, the quick and easy way to turn your wax or rosin into cannabis e-juice for your vaporizer! Save $$$ with the code: RUFFHOUSE

Micron bags are micron screen sacks made for pressing rosin and generally used when pressing hash, kief and dry sift cannabis to help it keep shape and seperate the plant material from the hash oil being pressed out with force and temperature. But these same bags can be used with cannabis flowers as well which will help separate the visible and invisible plant material that can leave your nails dirty when you do a dab or your coils and atomizers dirty when vaping wax or ejuice.

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Here is how I use micron bags to make cleaner rosin press wax and cannabis e-juice:

  1. Prep cannabis: Pull out large stems that could push through the bag. (Remove seeds if you have any.) Break apart by hand or grind with a grinder. (Weigh if desired.)
  2. Pack micron bag: Load the prepped cannabis into the bag, packing only finger tight. Fold over leaving enough overlap in the fold to keep closed when pressed and trim remaining bag with scissors.
  3. Pre-press bag: Use a flat bottomed surface to apply pressure on the bag to compress flat and crease fold to help keep closed when folding into the parchment paper and putting into press.
  4. Press in Rosin Press: Use your rosin press as per your preference or machine instructions. I recommend a lower temperature (About 190° F) for a longer press. (3 – 4 minutes)
  5. Chill: Cool the wax on folded over parchment between cold metal plates, or folded over in a frozen cold pack.
  6. Scrape: Use a clean smooth edge tool to gently scrape and collect the pressed rosin from the parchment paper.

Things to avoid:

  • Too much cannabis in bag
  • Too much pressure on press
  • Too much heat on press

Now you are ready to dab, vape and/or make e-juice with your freshly pressed and filtered rosin press wax. I find that Wax Liquidizer is the quick and easy way to turn your wax or rosin into cannabis e-juice for your vape pen! Save $$$ with the code: RUFFHOUSE at:

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How To Make Better Rosin Press Cannabis Wax

Learn How To Make Better Rosin Press Cannabis Wax today on Cannabasics #88

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Rosin Press is likely the safest and one of the purest ways to extract cannabis concentrates by applying heat and pressure to both melt and squeeze the THC and other cannabinoids, oils and terpenes from the plant material without using chemical solvents. Below we look at some best practices to achieve the best possible quality of rosin pressed wax based on strength, yield, consistency, aroma and flavor.

PHASE 1: Prep Cannabis

4 grams of medical grade Gorilla Glue #4 are ground, mixed and divided into 4 equal 1 gram samples. Each gram is pre-pucked with a pollen press to achieve a compact surface area for maximum pressure.

PHASE 2: Press Cannabis

Each gram is pre-pressed for 15 seconds before applying full pressure. 4 tests are run with the following parameters of times/ temperatures:

  • 170° F/ 4 Minutes
  • 190° F/ 3 Minutes
  • 210° F/ 2 Minutes
  • 230° F/ 1 Minute

PHASE 3: Analyze Results

Each sample is scraped and analyzed for yield, color consistency and aroma. Each sample is also tested for potency and flavor. Results follow with each category ranked on a scale of 1 to 4 with the 1 being the worst and the 4 being the best performing in each category:

170° F/ 4 Minutes: Yield(1),  Color(4), Consistency(3), Aroma(4), Potency(4), Flavor(4) – TOTAL: 20

190° F/ 3 Minutes: Yield(3),  Color(3), Consistency(4), Aroma(3), Potency(3), Flavor(3) – TOTAL: 19

210° F/ 2 Minutes: Yield(2),  Color(1), Consistency(1), Aroma(2), Potency(2), Flavor(1) – TOTAL: 9

230° F/ 1 Minutes: Yield(4),  Color(2), Consistency(2), Aroma(1), Potency(1), Flavor(2) – TOTAL: 12


If you are going for maximum yield, a hot fast press may be your best option whereas if flavor is of the utmost importance to you then a long, low temperature press would probably be to your liking. I found a sweet spot at 190° F for 3 minutes to yield the most, best tasting rosin press wax with our sample of Gorilla Glue #4 but those results could vary depending on your strain and other factors so running your own tests could be the key to unlocking the secrets of Rosin Press Cannabis. Many people use the expression in dabbing but can also apply to rosin press is this, “You gotta waste it to taste it.” However, with rosin press, you can use the remaining rosin chip to make excellent edibles or oils, so it’s not really a waste at all.

Music Attribution:
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RTP GO Rosin Press Review

RTP GO Rosin Press Review (Portable Cannabis Press from Rosin Tech Products)

The RTP GO powerful yet portable Cannabis Press from Rosin Tech Products is reviewed. For purchase/ info:

RTP GO Stats:

  • Pressure: 700 Lbs
  • 1 1/2″ x 3″ Solid Aluminum Dual Heat Plates
  • Even heat distribution with micro processor precision temperature gauge
  • Temperature Range: 0° – 415º F
  • Digital Temperature Control & Digital Automatic Timer


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How to Make Extremely Potent Rosin Press Cannabutter

Learn How to Make Extremely Potent Cannabutter or Cannabis Oil using Rosin Pressed Marijuana on Cannabasics Ep. 83

We use both rosin and pressed cannabis chips to safely create an extremely potent pleasant tasting cannabutter or cannabis oil retaining all the medicinal benefits of full plant extraction combined with the high potency of concentrate based edibles.

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Pre press (Pollen press):
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How to Make Extremely Potent Rosin Press Cannabutter


    • 3 – 4 grams high grade cannabis
    • 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon (4 teaspoons) coconut oil, butter, olive oil, etc…
  • Soy/ sunflower lecithin (Optional as an emulsifier)


    • Step 1: Press Rosin
      Press the cannabis in a pre-press or pollen press. Squeeze on machine heated to 250°F for 1 minute. Set aside parchment with the rosin. Take the rosin chip of pressed cannabis and proceed to next step.
    • Step 2: Infuse Rosin Chips in Oil/ Butter
      In a small oven safe bowl break up the rosin chip(s) into very small pieces. Add in the coconut oil, olive oil, clarified butter, etc. At this point you can also add an emulsifier such as soy/ sunflower lecithin (optional)
    • Step 3: Strain and Combine
      Scrape Rosin together, trim parchment and add it to the bottom of your filter container. When the oil is infused our it through a mesh filter to remove the bulk of the plant material. Press it out well. Remove the parchment, which should be clean of the rosin, shake it off. Now heat for a few more minutes and stir to mix it well.
  • Step 4: Filter and store
    While the oil is still hot, filter through a fine mesh such as an unbleached coffee filter into an airtight storage container.