BBell Lava Core Cartridge Filler Spotlight

Welcome to the BBell Lava Core Cartridge Filler Spotlight.

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The Lava Core is an electronic device designed to heat ejuice oils and provide an accurate and easy filling mechanism for loading multiple cartridges in a short amount of time.

How to Use Oil Cartridges with Vape Pen Batteries

Learn How to Use Oil Cartridges with Vape Pen Batteries Today On Cannabasics #110

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Anatomy of a 510 Thread Cartridge:

  • Mouthpiece (Plastic, metal, ceramic, wood, etc.)
  • Tank (.5 ml, 1 ml, 2.2 graml, etc.)
  • Oil Inlet hole (larger size hole for thicker juice)
  • Airflow (bottom, top, variable airflow)
  • Atomizer (Ceramic over wicked)

Best practices:

  1. Use the correct wattage for your coil. Generally between 3 – 5 volts on variable pens. Or 5 – 10 watts on a box mod.
  2. Make sure your connection to the device works with the type of airflow of your cartridge. You may need a top airflow cartridge to use with some devices.
  3. Don’t burn out coils of the atomizer by hitting it when it’s empty. Refill promptly for best results.
  4. Remove tip when in pocket or not using extended time to keep from damaging the cartridge, the battery or both.
  5. Keep the pen’s battery charged or keep a backup battery to use while charging your favorite device.

Kief to Rosin Press to Cannabis e Juice (Part 3 Terps Based e Juice)

Learn How to Make Dry Ice Kief to use in Rosin Press to finally make Cannabis e Juice with terps today on Part 3 (Terpenes E Juice) of Cannabasics #109.

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Dry Ice Kief to Rosin Press to Cannabis e Juice (Part 2) Cannabasics #109

Learn How to Make Dry Ice Kief to use in Rosin Press to finally make Cannabis e Juice with terps today on Part 2 of Cannabasics #109.

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What is a Box Mod Vape? Cannabasics #106

Today we learn what a box mod vape is and also what atomizers you can use with a box mod vaporizer, such as Atomizers for Wax, Dry Herbs, and Oils.

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What is a Box Mod Vape?

Box Mod Vapes are essentially vaporizers with advanced features and high capacity batteries for long life and extended power range to accommodate large tanks for e cig juice and the large puffs that many serious vapors chase after. It was the e cig market that first popularized box mod vaporizers but because they are great for travel with their big batteries and because they are powerful and will operate with numerous attachments for cannabis, they are growing in popularity with marijuana users as well. You can find attachments for using dry herb, wax as well as THC/ CBD oils and they are compatible with almost all 510 thread cartridges.

Why choose a box mod vape?

  • The big removable batteries make it easy to replace or upgrade the batteries. You can also keep a spare battery charged making it great for long trips and extended use.
  • The ability to have such a wide variable wattage range allows for use with large tanks with custom wrapped coils for cloud chasers. But also allows you to lower the wattage to use with smaller cartridges and coils.
  • Box Mods also offer maximum compatibility with attachments when compared with other types of vaporizers. Not only are many attachments made for them exclusively, most others will work with box mods if you adjust the settings appropriately.

What attachments work with box mods?

  • Dry herb attachments
  • Wax atomizers (Coils)
  • Tanks  
  • 510 thread cartridges

What are the drawbacks of box mods?

  • Can be expensive
  • Learning curve to use them
  • Can burn up atomizer if too high wattage

How To Make Rosin eJuice (Rosin Press Wax for eCig Cartridges): Cannabasics #60

Learn How To Make eCig Juice From Rosin Press Wax today on Cannabasics.

Today we use very high quality Live Rosin and fresh pressed rosin from Jungle Boyz grown PurplePunch from TLC dispensary and turn it into ejuice for wax vaporizers.

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