Airis MW Review

Welcome to the Airis MW Concentrate/ Oil Pod Vape System Review by Matt at RuffHouse Studios

The Airis MW is a slim, discreet vape system that works with both wax concentrates as well as with cannabis e juice. It features a 420 mAh battery, easy to use functions and 3 available colors.

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How To Roll An Ankh Joint (Egyptian Cross Blunt): Cannabasics #56

Learn how to roll an Ankh Joint (or an Egyptian Cross Blunt) today on Cannabasics. Save 10% on everything at Wizard Puff online head shop with the code CANNABASICS:

The Egyptian cross is different than a regular cross because of the loop at the top of the cross. Using 1 blunt wrap, 1 regular paper and 1 king size rolling papers we’ll be learning to roll up an Ankh shaped joint in just a few minutes. You can use the loop at top to hang the cross joint on a string like a Hempwick. It’s a fun way to make your cross blunt stand out from the others and load a few extra hits into an already over-sized smoking creation. Enjoy!

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