Sticky Box Enail Dab Rig Kit Review

The Sticky Box Enail Dab Rig Kit is Reviewed by Matt from RuffHouse Save with code: RUFFHOUSE on the Sticky Box Enail Dab Rig Kit by Wizard Puff!

Functions and features:

  • Turn Dial to set temperature: 68° F – 1,800° F
  • Press dial to start heat cycle
  • Press and hold blue button to set Celsius/ Fahrenheit

Music Attribution:

“Apero Hour” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Sticky Box eNail Kit Review

Price/ Value
Design Features
The Sticky Box performs perfectly and includes a durable design and case as well as the nectar dome glass dab rig for a near-perfect enail kit. It even has a remote!
4.5 Stars - Awesome Enail Kit
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