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Smokin’ Mic Music/ Hip Hop ( BYI MOBB, MISTER CR, DJ Seedless, Lunatic, Mike Foster the MC)

Welcome to the first ever RuffHouse Smokin’ Mic Musical Event. Local artists from East Los Angeles and surrounding areas performed for a exclusive private audience for your listening pleasure, enjoy.

Sponsored by:
Club 30 LA:
LINX Vaporizers:
All Day Vapez:
RuffHouse Studios Smoke Shop:
(Save 15% in the RuffHouse Smoke Shop with the code: “SMOKINMIC” for 1 week only May 1 – 8, 2016)

Thank you to all the artist who performed in the video:
BYI MOBB (DannyBUDD, FulPhil, RaIze, BOOGIE, Jebediah, L4, CessrOne, Voodoo Child, Lodis G), KREEPER’1, AyeSea, Story Villian, D.RUGZ, MISTER CR, Lunatic, Mike Foster the MC, Alpha, NINJA, KyiRim, Voltage Sierreno, DJ Seedless

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