Review of the Q-Tip Fritted Quartz Wax Pen from Airis Tech

The Q-Tip is a compact wax pen using fritted quartz (Q-cell) technology to deliver smooth efficient heating and excellent pure taste. More about AirisTech:

Q-Tip is another latest patented wax vaporizer released by Airistech recently, based on QCELL!

Q-Tip vaporizer features:
-QCELL Quartz Coil
(QCELL is Airistech patented heating technology. It provides higher adsorption, purer taste, faster heating, better airflow and less wastage, which ensures best vaping experience.)
-Replaceable heating coil
-Purest Materials: QCELL heating element, Quartz heating chamber, Quartz Atomizer Tube
-Ceramic Mouthpiece
-650mAh big battery
-Special power button design
-Universal 510 Thread
-Micro USB charging

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Airistech website:

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Q-Tip Fritted Quartz Wax Pen Review

Price/ Value
Design Features
Battery Life
Great looking design, ease of use and flavor that can't be beat, the Q-Tip wax pen from Airis Tech check all the boxes. If the price fits budget, this may be the wax pen to beat. Pros: Excellent fritted quartz elements Decent 650 mAh battery Compact, quality design and feel Pure terpene taste Very easy to use Cons: No pricing info available yet
4.5 Stars - A Wax Pen that checks all the boxes

Q-Tip Fritted Quartz Wax Pen Review

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