Vital Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer by X-Vape

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The OLED screen displays battery power, temp setting, timer setting (5/10 mins modes) and the current temperature. The device is powered by an ample 2200mAh ICR 18650 battery and heats to it’s max heat setting of 428° F in only 20 -25 seconds. The vaping temperature is adjustable to the single degree with the simple user interface. You can also use the Vital vaporizer while it is being charged with the included usb charging cable.

The flavor provided by the included standard mouthpiece is good but by adding the optional glass mouthpiece (water pipe adapter) or the water bubble tip you can achieve top notch vaping at an affordable price.

  • Glass Tip and water bubbler attachment are optional accessories and are NOT included in the basic kit.

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