RAW Classic 1.25 Rolling Paper Pack (50 leaves)


RAW natural unbleached rolling papers are THE standard for your herb rolling needs. The classic RAW paper in 1 1/4 size will have your rolling and smoking like a boss!

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Product Description

There is a clear reason why RAW Natural Rolling Papers have become the standard for modern rolling papers. It’s because RAW papers are more pure, less processed and contain a hybrid blend of unbleached fibers not the chlorine whitened paper used by most other rolling paper manufacturers. This is also why RAW papers are a natural light brown color and  so thin that they are translucent. And because of their patented Criss-Cross watermark RAW Classic papers also burn with famously even precision from spark to roach.

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Number of Packs

1 Pack, 1/8 Box (3 Packs), 1/4 Box (6 Packs), 1/2 Box (12 Packs), 1 box (24 Packs)


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