Quartz Banger Slick Pad Concentrates Starter Kit

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Build your own customized deluxe Quartz Banger/ Silicone Slick Mat Starter Kit! You’ll get a deluxe thick Quartz Banger and carb cap in any size you need along with round or rectangle Slick Pad in the Concentrates Starter Kit. Also included is a stainless steel dabber tool and silicone wax honey jar.

Product Description

What you get:

  • 1 pc (Or more) – quartz banger (You choose the size and fitting. Additional units available in purchase.)
  • 1 pc (Or more) – fitted Carb cap with side arm (Cap fits all quartz banger sizes.)
  • 1 pc (Or more) – Deluxe silicone slick mat (You choose circular or rectangular.)
  • 1 pc (Or more) – silicon storage jar
  • 1 pc (Or more) – Rounded tip carver tool


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