Panic Stopper Review

Panic Stopper Review (Cannabis Induced Anxiety Relief).

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Panic Stopper is an organic herbal supplement designed to relieve some of the effects of cannabis induced anxiety.

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In the box:

1 – 1 oz bottle with dropper top.

Closer look:

Potent extract of 4 organic plants. Ashwagandha and Kava. Also Passion Flower, a nervine for soothing anxiety and Reishi mushroom. According to the makers Panic Stopper is made in the USA in FDA and GMP approved facilities. It is also Vegan, non-GMO as well as alcohol & gluten-free.

Functions and features:

Panic Stopper is intended to provide relief for feelings of panic,stress and anxiety taking use of each ingredient making their natural potent properties work together. Much like cannabinoids in marijuana interact with the Endocannabinoid system to make us feel high the Panic Stopper ingredients signal cannabinoids receptors to make the high more enjoyable if it gets out of hand and induces anxiety, panic or stress.  

Usage and testing:

Used sublingually and is absorbed up to 90% in 22 seconds. It is completely absorbed in 1-4 minutes.

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Panic Stopper Review: Cannabis Induced Anxiety Relief from ChillZips

Price/ Value
The Panic Stopper herbal supplement is a soothing and effective solution for those who may suffer from Cannabis Induced Anxiety. With relief in seconds, a pleasing taste and quality ingredients the Panic Stopper is worth a shot!
5 Stars - A Solid Product for Those Who Need It
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