Cannabutter or Canna-oil? The Best Cooking Oil For THC Cannabis Infusions

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3 Tips to Make Better Cannabutter: Marijuana Tips & Tricks

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How To Make Potent Cannabutter and Chocolate Marijuana Shortbread Holiday Cookies Recipe

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Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser (Cannabutter/ Cannabis Infused Oil Maker): Blazin’ Gear Review

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How to Make Cannabutter (Cannabis Infused Butter) Marijuana Tips & Tricks: Cannabasics #2

A lot of great marijuana recipes start with basic canna-butter. It’s pretty easy to do and if done properly you can infuse a potent and tasty butter oil for making cannabis edibles. Music Attribution: Hackbeat by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: For the full written … Read more

High Potency Cannabutter & Cannabis Shortbread Cookies Cooking with Marijuana #26

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