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Marijuana Product Review: StickyBox E-Nail for Ceramic & Titanium Wax Rigs

Product Info:

The StickyBox Enail is a desktop unit that will heat your titanium or ceramic nails to a set temperature. A safer alternative to traditional butane torching methods. Once you have an email system you will never have to use a butane torch again. A box of this kind is for a true dabber. If you’d like to find this device and learn more about it follow the link on the screen or listed in our description.

Thanks to the guys over at for providing us with the chance to review the StickyBox!

What you get with the StickyBox

StickyBox E-Nail Desktop Unit
Kevlar Braided Titanium Heating Wand (Coil Heater)
Heavy Duty Power Cable
Instruction Manual
Supports both Fahrenheit / Celsius Temperature Display
Coil Heater Specs: 120V 150W / Type K Thermocouple / 1 Metre Long
Coil Size (For Nail Sizing): 15.8mm Inner Diameter x 12.7mm Height

The design of the sticky box is quite simple and to be honest with you I started using it before I read the directions. The buttons and functions are clearly listed.

It is made of solid quality materials. The crew and I at RuffHouse have worked this device over and have had the same great results time after time. The first time I fired it up I was surprised at how fast the coil heated up. It has functioned exceedingly well under even the biggest dabs.

This unit goes for $269.99 and may seem steep but when you consider never buying a butane tank again or for that matter even running out of gas period the StickyBox will eventually pay for itself.

Overall we have had a lot of fun using the sticky box and are glad to have finally added an enail to the RuffHouse arsenal. This is not a device for the casual dabber but if you are like me and dab several times a day and sometimes with multiple people then you would want to get one of these. An enail must be used safely just like any other heating method so i would say that would be it’s only drawback is safety but that goes for any method of heating a nail so it is necessary.

Thanks again to the guys over at for providing us with the chance to review the StickyBox!

We hope you enjoyed my review of the StickyBox we have many great products being tested over and over and over again so we can bring you solid reviews on the latest smoking, vaping and dabbing devices and accessories.

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