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Marijuana Product Review: Sabertooth Domeless Titanium Nail 14mm – 18mm

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Sabertooth 14 – 18 mm Titanium Nail Product Review

Large Skillet with 6 air vents
skillet screws off
14mm or 18mm adapter built-in
sleek design with fins on side and embossed logo

Rigorous testing with blow propane torch, dabbing wax on with dabber tool. We found the hit vaporizes quickly with very little to zero loss of vapor into the air. The nail retains heat long enough to dab the tool dry in most cases on rarely leaves residual dab on the skillet.

Pros – very clean with no dripping through of concentrates, no vapor loss, nice modern design

Cons – 2 piece skillet (causes build-up underneath, less heat retention, indicative of skillet being higher grade than the base)

Excellent Titanium nail that as long as the price is reasonable will be highly recommended.

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