Marijuana Minute, Nov 21 2014: Marijuana Shrinks Cancer Tumors

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A study from St. George’s University in London, shows that marijuana enhances the treatment of certain types of deadly brain cancer.
Published last week by Dr. Wai Liu in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, the study found that both Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC as well as Cannabidiol or CBD used in conjunction with irradiation “showed dramatic reductions in tumor volumes” of Glioma.
The researchers tested a pure (P) form of both THC and CBD as well as a botanical drug substance (BDS) form of each in various combinations. The most efficacious combination being CBD(BDS) along with THC(P).
This indicates that the combined effects of THC and CBD are hyper-additive. Meaning that small doses of both THC and CBD achieve more efficient results than large quantities of one or the other alone.
These results support findings by long time proponents of medicinal marijuana such as Rick Simpson whose famous oil also relies on the full plant extract. The makers of Sativex, a successful new drug treating Leukemia in the UK also uses a full plant extraction method.
This data also help explain the failure of such drugs as Marinol, a synthetic form of THC alone that is reportedly ineffective for many when compared to smoking the natural form of the plant.
These findings do not explain however why the US government has still not rescheduled marijuana as a controlled substance with medicinal potential.

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