Marijuana Minute Nov 16 2015: Governors Cuomo & Christie Candidates Sanders and Clinton

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New York Times reports a major emergency push forward by Govenor Andrew M. Cuomo to allow medical marijuana access to qualified patients two months before the statewide law goes public medicinally. The recent bill approved by state legislature creates an expedited pathway for New Yorkers whose lack of access would pose a serious risk to their lives. One of the goals from the formally reluctant Governor would be “ giving preference” to organizations or groups producing marijuana in other states that are possibly capable of providing the medicine faster.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made history recently signing a bill into law requiring school boards to implement policy permitting parents, guardians and primary caregivers to bring and administer the oral intake of cannabis on a school bus or school property to any child diagnosed with a developmental disability and registered in the state medical marijuana program. The law is the first in the nation.

Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton are both advocating reform in the rescheduling of marijuana by the Federal Government. Hilary has changed her view since October’s debate, publicly stating at a university in South Carolina, I want to move marijuana from schedule 1 to schedule 2 “so researchers can research what’s the best way to use it, dosage, and how does it work with other medications”. Bernie Sanders has taken it a step further and filled a Senate bill to permit states to govern their own marijuana laws as well as remove it from the Controlled Substance Act. Sanders explained, we live in a federal system of government where issues like tobacco and alcohol are significantly regulated by the staTES AND HE BELIEVES REGULATION OF THE MARIJUANA LAWS IS A PROVINCE OF THE STATE.

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