Marijuana Minute May 7 2015: Texas Christian Marijuana Movement Snoop and Stevie Wonder?

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According to KSAT12 & Chron, HouseBill 2165 was approved by a decisive 5-2 victory by a Texas House panel for full legalization of cannabis. This approval would make for a clear path in making this Bill a law in this years legislation. Republican state Rep. David Simpson of Longview, creator of the bill, repeatedly championed calling it the “Christian Case”. An Argument that marijuana comes from God & therefore should not be banned by the Government.

The source Mashable reports Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill that would reconstruct the current cannabis laws creating 1 legal market for recreational use. In essence the Medicinal market would be phased out leaving medical customers to seek “medically endorsed” strains at a recreational dispensary. Also, this gives the state tighter control over regulations and taxes throughout the cannabis market.

Snoop Dogg has collaborated with many except Stevie Wonder……until now. “California Roll” is the new track recently unveiled off Snoops upcoming album “ Bush” coming out May12. So if your a fan of Snoop, Pharrell, and/or, Stevie check out this laid back track about medical marijuana.


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