Marijuana Minute: May 28, 2015; Tallahassee green for CBD Weed farm in Vegas Feinstein reluctant yes

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Miami Herald reports Tallahassee Florida gets the green light for access to a limited strain of non euphoric marijuana for medical needs by the end of 2015. The Florida Health Department should start expecting in 3 weeks time applications from eligible growers for the strain that is low in THC and HIGH in CBD’s. A state run “Compassionate Use registry” would permit growers to sell to qualified patients in the upcoming months.

Fox 5 in Las Vegas states Clark County medical marijuana dispensaries are close to opening for business. Nevada Pure, a projected cannabis farm in East Las Vegas, broke ground on Wednesday the 27th. The facility will include a nursery, flowering room, trimming area, and will be as big as a football field housing around 1800 plants. Patients and caregivers will be allowed to donate 12 plants each for cloning.

Senate Appropriations Committee will now condone the Houses 5 measures that supported States’ rights on marijuana. Among the Senate supporters was long time “Nay” sayer, California Democrat, Diane Feinstein who has called marijuana a gateway drug. This amendment would allow a military spending bill that will prohibit the Department of Veterans Affairs from using federal money to prosecute doctors who recommend medical marijuana to veterans in states where the drug is legal. Feinstein in a muffled exhale voted “yes” to the amendment.


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