Marijuana Minute: May 21, 2015; IL on way to Decriminalizing Cannabis, K-HIGH in CO on The Air

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In Colorado Springs there has been the launch of K-High talk radio. As of April listeners of all things weed can listen to programs that are all pot, all the time. Host Bubba Kushman, a self proclaimed high functioning stoner says he wants “ anybody and everybody who is for or against the legalization of Marijuana” on his show. Conservative station owner, Republican Mike Knarr, made a life changing choice to have his son treated with medical cannabis instead of chemotherapy for leukemia. Reaction to the alternative treatment was positive enough for Mike to change his radio station from sport talk to pot talk. The radio channel currently only lives on the internet where you are o-K HIGH.

Chicago Tribune reports Illinois Senate passes marijuana decriminalization Bill in a 37 to 19 approval. Sponsoring Senator Michael Noland still thinks marijuana is wrong but considers people should not have their lives ruined because of it. Low level cannabis possession would be reduced to the equivalent of a traffic ticket with a $125 fine for those caught with 15 grams or less. There would be no court or jail time. However, sponsors of the bill say it will be on hold for additional language clean up before it goes to Governor Bruce Rauner for the green light.


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