Marijuana Minute May 14, 2015: Roswell Okays Grow Facility, Weed for CO Paroles & Cotton Vagina

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According to Roswell Dailey Record, New Mexico’s Roswell -Chaves county Extraterrestrial Commission voted to change the zoning use allowing Pecos Valley Pharmaceuticals to operate a medical marijuana grow facility. Building this facility will move forward provided Pecos gets a license from the New Mexico Health Department. The proposed facility would house up to 450 plants, would have tight security, but would not sell to the public.
Colorado governor John Hickenlooper has signed House Bill 1267 into law immediately allowing those on probation or parole to use medical cannabis. This is a compassionate bill similar to that of Arizona and Rhode Island allowing those to use the natural medicine instead of turning to more harmful ways of dealing with their illness.
According to author Dr. Julia Holland there may be an unfortunate phenomenon that has sparked internet forums and even a new Urban Dictionary entry for “Cotton Vagina”. Everyone who smokes is well aware that some but not all strains may cause cotton Mouth. Well the same may effect women and there lady parts down there. There is still little research on this topic according to Holland but adds “Marijuana Induced Vaginal Dryness” may be a new world problem but it can still be easily remedied with the use of coconut oil as a lubricant.


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