Marijuana Minute March 19, 2015: Obama Weighs in on Weed, NFL Gives THC Test Tip Off

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Today is Thursday March 19 2015 I am your host Steven Sanchez and this is Marijuana Minute……

An interview by Vice News with President Obama this week may give most of us high hopes. The President of the free world declared eliminating Marijuana from the list of federally prohibited substances would be a sign of “progress”. However the President also cleared the smoke by saying” I understand this is important to you. But, you know, you should be thinking about climate change, the economy, jobs, war and peace. Maybe way at the bottom you should be thinking of Marijuana.”
Apparently Senate Bill 683 is growing momentum in support by a roster of co sponsors from both parties over the past week. Senator Barbara Boxer a democrat from California pitched in her support of the bud, I mean Bill on Wednesday. Fellow Democratic Senator also of California Diane Feinstein is still sitting on the pot about the proposal, however, she is still interested in seeing more research on the derivatives of the drug for it medical benefits.
Finally, according to NBC sports, NFLPA has chosen to give NFL players a 30 day warning before drug testing.The annual window for the annual random test of NFL players for recreational drugs opens on 4/20. A full 32 days is given before the day of testing for banned substances that are not performance enhancing. This gives players a chance to halt or nip their vice in the bud.

This has been Marijuana minute, until next time…… keep the peace and be safe. And keep your piece safe.


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