Marijuana Minute March 12, 2015: Senate Bill 683 Aims to End Marijuana Prohibition

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A group of Senators have put forth a Bipartisanship Bill before the U.S. Senate that would make marijuana use legal
under federal law without the fear of federal prosecution. This six part Bill introduced yesterday March 11 would hopefully reclassify Marijuana under the Controlled Substance Act to a Schedule II. This reclassification would also allow the scientific community to legally do research of Marijuanas positive effects such as a pain reliever for medical patients. As well, the FDA would be able to approve Marijuana based medicines.
Finally, provided this bill becomes law, financial institutions would be allowed to conduct any banking needs for Marijuana related entities. Senate 683 is “ A bill to extend the principal of federalism to state drug policy, provide access to medical marijuana and enable research into the medicine properties of marijuana.” If you want to know more information on the Bill go to or find the link in the description of the video. Is this a grab for votes by a conservative presidential hopeful or is it a sign that bipartisanship is truly flowering in this new congress.


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