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Marijuana Minute, July 4 2014: LA’s 1st Marijuana Farmer’s Market Pews Report Say America Want

LA’s First Marijuana Farmer’s Market Pews Report Say America Wants Marijuana Minute Weed July 04 2014

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It’s Friday July 4 2014, I’m Matt Lamb your host and this is the Marijuana Minute.

ABC News reports that the first Marijuana Farmer’s Market is opening today in Los Angeles. The California Heritage Farmer’s Market is being held at the West Coast Collective in a 15,000 sq. Ft. Open air venue. The report states that patients will be able to purchase a gram of marijuana that normally cost $20 for as low as $7 by eliminating the middle man and buying directly from the growers. Some 50 vendors are expected today selling fresh baked edibles and marijuana buds.

Opinions are shifting strongly in favor of legalizing marijuana according to a new Pews Research study.
They claim that 54% of Americans now feel that the drug should be legal compared to only 16% who favored legalization in 1989. The study also claims that 69% of Americans feel that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and 83% would not be bothered by others using marijuana in their own homes.

This has been the marijuana minute, till next time, stay high.

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