Marijuana Minute, July 3 2014: Denver Homicide Rate Drops 40% Carolina Okays Medicinal Research

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It’s Thursday July 3 2014, I’m Matt Lamb your host and this is the Marijuana Minute.

Supporters of the much debated Legal Marijuana Legislation in Louisiana hope that crime statistics coming from Denver, in the newly fully legal marijuana state of Colorado, will help push their law through a stubborn Senate. Recent statistics show the homicide rate in Denver has dropped nearly 40% in the five months since marijuana has been legal which defies the Louisiana opponents of marijuana law reform. They have argued that decriminalizing marijuana would lead to a spike in violent crime.

Opinions are shifting strongly in favor of legalizing marijuana according to a new Pews Research study.
They claim that 54% of Americans now feel that the drug should be legal compared to only 16% who favored legalization in 1989. The study also claims that 69% of Americans feel that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and 83% would not be bothered by others using marijuana in their own homes.

Today in North Carolina, Governor Pat McRory signed into Law HB 1220 otherwise known as the “Charlotte’s Web” Medical Marijuana Bill. This bill encourages the research and development of CBD rich, low THC marijuana oil extractions for the use of treating severe epilepsy. A step forward in the ability for researchers to evaluate the medicinal properties of marijuana. Way to go North Carolina.

This has been the marijuana minute, till next time, stay high.

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