Marijuana Minute, July 29 2014: NY Times Wants Weed, Teen Marijuana Use Report Surprises

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The fight to end Marijuana Prohibition is gaining allies everyday and this week, it gained a huge supporter. The New York times is publishing “High Time, An Editorial Series on Marijuana Legalization.” The first part of the editorial examines the Federal Controlled Substance Act and its key role in criminalizing marijuana and how states have led the way in moving past this outdated and misinformed legislation. The second article discusses in depth the law enforcement costs and criminal injustice suffered by many being arrested for possession of marijuana. With every state except for Hawaii reporting excessively high number of dark skinned minorities being charged with possession the racist effects of the prohibition is examined. The Op Ed has a total a six sections, the remaining four to be released over the coming days.
The Washington post reports that one of the biggest arguments used by opponents of marijuana legalization is just flat incorrect. The article cites a new study by economist Daniel Rees that examines Medical Marijuana Laws and their effects on Teenage Marijuana Use. And the results show that there is a zero effect change in the smoking habits of teens in legal marijuana states.

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