Marijuana Minute, July 23 2014: OR Wins Recreational MJ Vote, Snoop Smoked At The White House?

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According to a report today from CNN, the voters in the state of Oregon will vote on legalizing recreational marijuana this November. The vote is due to a citizen-led petition that garnered more than 88,5000 signatures. Medical marijuana has been legal in the state since 1998 but if this law passes Oregon will be only the third state where recreational marijuana could be legally sold, bought and consumed. In 2012 the Oregon voters rejected a recreational marijuana law, same year that nearby Colorado and Washington State legalized recreational marijuana. The success and failures in those states will likely inform and influence voters in Oregon this fall. Alaska may also join the group of legal recreational marijuana states this year as voters there will also decide on similar marijuana legislation this November.
Snoop Dog smoked weed in the White House according to what he told guest Jimmy Kimmel on his own online show “GGN: The Double G News Network.” He told Jimmy that while at the White House he excused himself to go the bathroom and when inside, smoked a blunt. USA Today confirmed that Calvin Broadus was in fact a guest at the White House in December.


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