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Marijuana Minute July 2 2014 Colorado tax Dispute Washington Marijuana Supply Issues

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It’s Wednesday July 2 2014, I’m Matt Lamb your host and this is the Marijuana Minute.

Sources say that Washington State’s legal marijuana opening day set for July 8th will potentially face some serious problems, mainly, not enough marijuana! Washington law requires a separate business entity for medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries and only a few of the new growing operation who have applied for a license have yet to be approved. The pending shortage is not likely to affect the current medical marijuana patients.

According to Fox news report today some Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado feel that the 29% tax collected by the state puts them in danger of prosecution from the Feds and they are suing to not pay. Their claim states that tax records could be used by the Federal government to bring them up for charges in illegal trade of drugs and violates their right to fair treatment under the law.

Sadly, a petition in Ohio to put marijuana legalization laws on the 2014 ballot fell well short of the 385,000 signatures required. Supporters of the petition feel hopeful that next year they will succeed and we wish them the best in their fight.

This has been the marijuana minute, till next time, stay high.

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