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Marijuana Minute, July 14 2014: Millions in Cash Present CO Problems, FL to Vote on Medical Weed

Today on Marijuana Minute it’s July 14 2014 and Millions of Dollars in Cash Presents big Problems in Colorado while Florida set to Vote on Medical Marijuana in November

According to USA Today the huge amounts of cash generated by legal marijuana sales in Colorado are causing enormous security concerns.
With Federal regulations making it nearly impossible to do business with most financial institutions, marijuana business owners are faced with millions of dollars in cash putting them at risk for crime. To deal with the large amounts of cash, many marijuana business owner rely on private security firms with armed personnel and armored vehicles to maintain safety. Ironically, although the federal laws make these business illegal and interfere with their banking the federal government does still require tax payments from these dispensaries.

News 4 in Jackonsville reports the Florida voter will say yay or nay on Amendment 2 this November. If passed, The Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative would legalize the cultivation, purchase, possession and use of marijuana for medical conditions when recommended by a physician. Polls show 7 of 10 Floridians support the measure.

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