Marijuana Minute, July 11 2014 – Weed Smell No Reason for Search in MA, First WA Weed Buyer Fired

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In 2008 voters in Massachusetts decriminalized an ounce or less of Marijuana. As the result of two unanimous 2011 rulings of the Supreme Judicial Court, police are denied the right to exercise a probable cause search on anyone based on noticing the smell of burnt marijuana. Now the Court on Wednesday has decided to allow these same laws to apply to the smell of non burnt marijuana. The court agreed that despite marijuana’s strong odor it does not give police grounds to determine whether the person may be holding a criminal amount of marijuana.

Mike Boyer, in Spokane Washington, was the first purchaser of state legal marijuana and the news media was there to capture the transaction for all to see. The media even followed him home and filmed him smoking it. But it became even a bigger deal when his temporary employer of two weeks got wind of his actions and fired him. A spokesperson for True Blue says if Boyer was fired outside of protocol his employment would be reinstated. Luckily for Mr. Boyer… it was.


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