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Marijuana Minute, July 08 2014: Massachusetts sued, Veteran PTS Marijuana Study Doctor fired

In November of 2012 the voters of Massachusetts made medical marijuana legal yet no dispensaries have yet to be opened. Now a group is suing the state for safe access. The Boston Globe Reports today that William Downing, the owner of Yankee Caregivers and several of his patients have initiated a class action lawsuit against the state claiming that the state’s lack of action in enacting the voter approved medical marijuana system has caused them damage. The case states that the group want to be allowed to resume business after a cease and desist letter was delivered to Downing from the state and letters to patients were sent by the Health Department.

An University of Arizona study to determine the effects of smoking compared to vaporizing marijuana and how the drug could help Post-Traumatic Stress suffering veterans has been delayed by the firing of the professor in charge of the study. Dr. Suzanne Sisley who spent over four years obtaining approval for the federally backed study says she was fired due to political retaliation but the University of Arizona indicated that there was no political pressure to fire her. The study will likely be postponed for over a year as Sisley finds another University and again seeks federal approval for the study.

This has been the marijuana minute, till next time, stay high.

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