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Marijuana Minute, July 07 2014: Washington Inevitable Edibles No vote in AR but maybe for DC

Marijuana Minute, July 07 2014: Washington Inevitable Edibles Sales, No vote for Arkansas but maybe for DC, Florida Regulators debate rules and players of medical cbd cannabis program.

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It’s Monday July 7 2014, I’m Matt Lamb your host and this is the Marijuana Minute.

Washington state issued some 2 dozen retail permits for recreational marijuana sales today and despite a short supply of marijuana flowers sales begin tomorrow.
But another popular type of product will missing from the dispensary shelves all together. Washington law requires a licensed commercial kitchen with health inspections and so far, no one has been approved to manufacture marijuana edibles. Due to the popularity and also the dangers to children, Washington is carefully scrutinizing the quality, dosage and labelling of commercial retail sales of the often fun, colorful but potentially very powerful treats.

Legal Marijuana advocates in Arkansas failed to obtain enough signatures to put neither recreational nor medical cannabis law on the fall ballots. But in Washington DC, activists for marijuana reform have reportedly submitted enough signatures to have the vote put to the public on the fall ballot. 63% of DC residents favor the legalization of marijuana according to a recent poll by the Washington Post.

The Miami Herald reports that today regulators began a hearing to establish the rules and participants in Florida’s pending and highly regulated medical marijuana system.

This has been the marijuana minute, till next time, stay high.

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