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Marijuana Minute, Dec 14 2014: Feds Send Mixed Message on Legal Cannabis in Spending Bill

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In a sweeping spending bill that passed the Senate on Saturday Night the Federal Government sends some mixed messages on Medical Marijuana, but most would agree, it’s a big win for weed.
Huffington Post is reporting that the Omnibus Legislation to fund the Federal Government also includes an Amendment that “prohibits the Department of Justice from using funds to go after state-legal medical cannabis programs.” The medical marijuana protections amendment was proposed in May by Democratic Representative Sam Farr from California and protects marijuana business in 23 states where medicinal marijuana is legal and 11 more states where CBD oil extracts are now legal. Representative Farr was very optimistic stating that “the federal government will finally respect the decisions” (of medical marijuana states.)
The same legislation also holds a measure however blocking the newly passed marijuana law approved by over 70% of the voters in the District of Columbia, where Congress has the power to override local laws. Although some members of Congress believe loopholes may allow the measure to proceed, the message is clear, Congress does not want Legal Marijuana at it’s own doorstep.
Also this week, the Justice Department issued a memo allowing Native American Indian Reservations to use their sovereign lands to grow and cultivate marijuana.

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