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Marijuana Minute, Aug 09 2014: Marijuana Protects from Traumatic Injuries, Shrinks Brains

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Could marijuana have nueroprotective properties that could help shield the brain from traumatic injury? According to a study published in The American Surgeon by Doctor David Plurad, there is strong statistical data to suggest that it could.
Evidence from over 400 patients at a Harbor UCLA Hospital in Torrance, CA with traumatic brain injuries were observed and tested for marijuana.
Of those cases studied, one in every ten patient died from their injuries and one in every five patient tested positive for marijuana. But when comparing among only those who died from their injuries, 11.5% who did not have marijuana in their blood died while only 2.4% of those who did have marijuana in their system succumbed to their injuries.
After the numbers were adjusted to account for the age and gender of the patient and the type and severity of the injury, the researchers determined that those who had marijuana in their system were 80% more likely to survive the traumatic brain injuries.
In another study by the University of Texas and The Mind Research network, researches determined that the grey matter in the orbitofrontal cortex of the brain of chronic marijuana smokers has “significantly less volume” than of non-smokers. But when studying the brains of 48 chronic smokers and 64 non smokers they also found that the smokers had “higher functional and structural connectivity.”

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