Marijuana Minute April 6 2016: DEA Weighing Reclassification of Cannabis

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It’s Wednesday April 6, 2016, I’m Matt Lamb your host and this is Marijuana Minute.
According to a report from the Huffington Post, (Read the entire article at Huffington Post: the DEA is getting close to making a decision on whether or not to reschedule marijuana. Currently, the DEA considers cannabis a Schedule 1 Narcotic alongside such drugs as methamphetamine and heroin which are considered to have no medicinal benefits.
The 25-page letter obtained by Huffington Post states, “DEA understands the widespread interest in the prompt resolution to these petitions and hopes to release its determination in the first half of 2016.” The Huffington Post article also reports that the Food and Drug Administration has completed their review of marijuana and have sent it to the DEA although the results of the review were not hinted at.
Twice in recent history the DEA has considered but declined to reschedule marijuana, in 2001 and as recently as 2006 the DEA held to their decision. After years long debates and despite the evidence and advice of those recruited to help them make the determination the DEA has refused to budge on cannabis. But with nearly half of the states in America now having legal or medicinal marijuana laws the DEA is under more pressure than ever to reconsider.
Many legalization advocates argue that this Schedule 1 DEA status is the single biggest obstacle to the safe access and proper research of cannabis. And with undeniable and growing world-wide opinion that marijuana does indeed have medicinal value it seems impossible that the DEA will continue their irrational war on cannabis. But unfortunately, history has shown that rational thought has little to do with their decision from the beginning, so perhaps pressures of the market place will do the trick this time.
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