Marijuana Minute April 30 2015: Ohio Fully Legal on MJ? NFL Career up in smoke?

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International Business Time reports Pro-pot activists in Ohio have gathered more than half the required signatures needed to get an Amendment before the voters in November for recreational Marijuana. Unfortunately however, Ohio Governor John Kasich has claimed before opposing Cannabis for treatments due to what he calls a lack of medical evidence.

I.B.T. also reports there are currently -9 states in the growing stages either by legislation or through ballot measures for medical marijuana: Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. So do what you can to be Pro-Active and help this movement flower.

Fox Sports news revealed, 21 year old Missouri pass rusher Shane Ray was cited on Monday, 3 days before todays football draft for marijuana possession. He is charged with having 35 grams or less of smoke and failing to drive in the right lane of the highway with 2 or more lanes. Shane did release a long apology to his mother and fans. In his apology he said, “ I was not under the influence nor impaired, therefore I as not detained.” It’s possible the defensive end once viewed as a top 10 pick could experience a career up in smoke. So much for going on that “HIGHWAY.”


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