Marijuana Minute April 23, 2015: DEA Head Michelle Leonhart to Resign – Fake Weed OD’s On Rise

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According to Time Inc. Network, Bill Piper, the Director of National affairs of the Drug Policy Alliance said, “ Leonhart opposed Medical marijuana , she opposed sentencing reform, she opposed pretty much everything Congress was doing.” And now cannabis reform activist oppose her. DEA Administrator Michelle Leonhart seemed discombobulated when she testified before the House Committee regarding sexual harassment and misconduct allegations within the DEA and FBI involving agents. It appears her position since 2007 as top dog is over and whoever will replace her is uncertain. However activists are certain her replacement should be more supportive of ongoing reform initiatives within those Federal authorities. To bad, if the lion only had a hart.

The Morning Call reports a severe amount of overdoses from a synthetic drug. More specifically “ Fake Weed.” It appears to be playing out on a larger scale up and down the east coast. New Jersey State Police posted on their face Book page, claiming ”approximately 400” synthetic marijuana overdoses from Alabama to New York this month alone. Apparently this “Fake Weed” is coming from another country where there is no quality control and venders circumvent any laws through manipulated labeling that claims product is not for human consumption. Buyer Beware!


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