Marijuana Minute April 2, 2015: Annual Hash Bash in Michigan 04/04/2015 – John Sinclair, Tommy Chong

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According to Michigan Live the University of Michigan Diag is expected to light up the Marijuana community by holding the Hash Bash this Saturday the 4th at noon. It’s Ann Arbors annual celebration which originated back in 1972 for well known activist and poet John Sinclair. Mr Sinclair, Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong as well as Lansing Mayer Virg Bernero are the expected speakers at this two hour event which is meant to be a political move to create a 2016 ballot initiative to fully legalize marijuana in Michigan.
Visitors of the event are encouraged to explore the Monroe Street Fair after, where Tommy Chong is expected to be the rest of the afternoon taking photos and signing autographs. There will be a live music show and John Sinclair will be performing his scat poetry at the Blind Pig Restaurant where doors will open at 8pm till 2am for the after party. These events will likely be a good place to make Buds throughout the day.


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