Marijuana Minute, 09-30-2015: Legal Weed in Ohio? Cannabis State Stores and Casino Resorts?

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According to the columbus Dispatch of Columbus Ohio, there are two Democratic Mayoral candidates who differ on nearly everything important to their race for Mayor. However, there is one subject they do agree on which is not to legalize recreational marijuana. Candidate Andrew J. Ginther says he opposes Measure 3. Measure 3 would be an amendment to Ohio’s constitution which would allow limited sales and use of recreational and medicinal marijuana. This Measure is set to be voted on in November. Candidate Zach Scott claims as a career long law enforcement officers he has his own personal feelings about legal marijuana and uses some negative statistics in Colorado as an example of it’s effect’s on society. But both Democrats ultimately agree the voters should decide on legalizing cannabis.

Democrat Bernie Sanders may be soaring in the presidential polls but as a socialist it is possible he may condone government ownership of all businesses. Some say he wouldn’t go that far and Sanders has said he “will consider” full legalization of marijuana. Currently state stores of cannabis would not be possible under federal law but if Sander’s became leader of the free-world, federal law may be lifted. Take into consideration in the Senators state of Vermont the state already profits from the sale of alcohol from privately owned state stores.

The Denver Post Business section reports a tribe in South Dakota plans to open the nations first marijuana resort on its reservation. The Santee Sioux Tribe of 400 is ready and plans to grow and sell their own cannabis in a smoking lounge that includes a nightclub, arcade games, bar and food service, and at some point slot machines and an outdoor music venue. December 31 at a New Years Eve party is when you can expect to buy and burn in their facility. Although cannabis is not legal in South Dakota, the Justice Department did outline a new policy allowing Indian Tribes to flower on their reservations as do similar states with the green light.


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