Marijuana Minute, 09 16 2015: California Bureau of Medical Marijuana, Gas & Grass

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Voters of California legalized medical marijuana in 1996. Cities and counties have varying rules regulating the marijuana industry between them. But on the forefront lawmakers along with Governor Jerry Brown have compromised and generated a plan for a new state office along with the cities that would issue legitimate licenses for medical cannabis dispensaries. The new state branch called the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation or BMMR for short would be within the state Department of Affairs and will oversee the laws and licenses of the Marijuana industry within California. And infact, the new department would extract the excise tax that was meant for policing and environmental protection.

Michigan Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan wants to implement new ordinances by October after hearing the rapidly proliferating dispensaries in his city had 2 locations offering drive thru convenience for cannabis provided by 420 Dank. In another story in Colorado Springs Colorado, Native Roots with a similar convenience concept is opening Gas and Grass stations . This will provide a one stop shop to fill up and re-up. Taking care of your gas and meds at the same place and time.


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