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Imag plus Review (Ruffhouse studios contest)

Imag plus Review i spent a good deal of time on this hope y’all enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Imag plus Review (Ruffhouse studios contest)

  1. the imag doesn’t actually vape eliquids, just dry herbs and waxes, its also the 4th vape pen to truly vaporize, behind the cloud v phantom, the source ghost, and the V2 pro series 3

  2. The manual says that you can use the cup for vaping E-Juice hence 3 in 1 vaporizer. The imag series was the first true vaporizer pen on the market this is its second edition that’s why its called + (plus) . there is a third model but the only thing different is the ceramic mouthpiece which you can purchase separately for 15 bucks, from wizard puff is still currently offering the special launch price of 60 bucks but they are on back order for a couple more days. i think the 22nd is the day they restock, anyways i would recommend you get a ceramic mouthpiece because the top you get sucks. it works but not comfortably for more then a session on low, it heats up at blue yet stays managble. but gets fucking roasting at high. so does the chamber but that’s to be expected, it wont burn the shit out of you unless you actively hold onto it due to the rubber coating. which by the way is fantastic i wish i emphasized that more in the video. oh and when its on high it will burn your lips if you aren’t careful. ya just gotta learn its sweet spots.

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