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I Voted NO on California Prop 64 to legalize marijuana. Scream At Me LIVE Sunday 11-06-2016 6PM PST

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That’s right! I Voted NO on California Prop 64 to legalize marijuana. This is going to make some people angry, but I have my reasons. Scream at me and let me know your thoughts LIVE this evening in our Pop 64 Q&A discussion on RuffHouse Studios. (Sunday 11-06-2016 at 6PM PST)
Let’s talk it out over some dabs and maybe a blunt or two.

California’s Cannabis Timeline

1975 – Marijuana Possession Made a “misdemeanor” with a $100 max fine.

1996 – Prop 215 California becomes America’s first legal cannabis state for medicinal use.

2010 – California Proposition 19 is on the Ballot to legalize cannabis for over 21. In October, before the vote on Pop 19, then California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signs the California Marijuana Decriminalization Bill.

2011 – Since January 1, 2011, in California Possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana is an “infraction” with no criminal record or jail time and same Max fine of $100.

2015 – SB 837 is enacted. MMRSA- Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (3 bills enacted on Sept 11, 2015 creates a comprehensive state licensing system for the commercial cultivation, manufacture, retail sale, transport, distribution, delivery, and testing of medical cannabis. )

2016 – California Prop 64 is on the ballot to legalize, regulate and tax recreational cannabis for anyone 21 and older in California.

Why I Voted NO.

In my opinion, Proposition 64 is an unnecessary law that does little to protect the freedom we should all have to consume cannabis but rather puts a stranglehold on a currently thriving cottage industry and hands it’s corpse over to huge corporate interests.

These well funded benefactors of Prop 64, such as Sean Parker formerly of Facebook, are hell bent on stamping out competition from more advanced and experienced markets from other legal cannabis states by way of blocking out-of-state products, brands and/or service vendors (such as lab testing). Prop 64 will also squash some small California business currently occupying the California cannabis market by imposing several layers of application fees, licensing, taxes and mandated laboratory testing on every product.

My trust of this law and the supporters further eroded by the obvious link between WeedMaps, who discloses a $500,000 grant to support prop 64, and SC Labs, one of the 2 companies in California who can perform the testing required by Prop 64.

The law also severely diminishes the current stipulations for patients to grow their own cannabis at little cost and without taxation by imposing an unreasonable 6 plant limit on personal grow systems.

There is no emergency need for legislation in California that can rationalize a hostile corporate takeover enabled by a law that is unnecessary at best and adversarial in my opinion to our right to consume Cannabis by our free will in the State of California. It is for these reasons I have voted NO on Proposition 64.

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