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How to Roll Cannabis with a Blunt Wrap



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How to Roll Cannabis with A Blunt Wrap
Blunt Wrap
scissors (optional)
grinder (optional)
scales (optional)

These things and a little practice is everything you need to roll a perfect blunt.

The first step is to weigh out your cannabis. 1 gram of cannabis will make 1 average sized blunt.

Next step is to grind the cannabis. But be careful. Grind too much and it will fall out of the ends of your blunt, not enough and your blunt will not burn evenly. A course even grind will work great and remember, the finer the grind the thinner the blunt.

Waiting until after you prepare your cannabis before opening and preparing your blunt wrap will keep it fresh and clean. Many blunt wraps are larger than needed and can be trimmed into 2 blunts with the xxl wraps you see here or at least trimmed down depending on the thickness of the blunt you are rolling.

If you want to plan ahead, you can cut a thin strip of the blunt wrap and set it aside. This might come in handy if you encounter some common issues when rolling a blunt. More on that later.

Now load the ground cannabis evenly into the paper cradled in your hand. Make sure the thin or gummed edge is at the top facing you. Do not fold the wrap or it will not be round when you roll it up. Using your finger tip gently even the cannabis all the way from one end of the blunt wrap to the other.

Now you are ready to tuck and roll the blunt. Being very careful not to flatten the blunt, gently roll forward with your thumbs tucking the lower edge of the wrap into the fold where the cannabis and upper paper meet. Keep the shape round and lower the top flap around the outside of the blunt from one end to the other.

Now the critical step of licking and sealing the blunt. Starting at one end and being careful to keep the shape, lick one small piece of the wrap at a time and fold it over, sealing the blunt around. Work your way all the way down the blunt being patient and careful not to break or punch through the paper because it is softer when wet.

Now collect any pieces of cannabis that have fallen out and gently stuff them into the open ends using some sort of narrow object.

You may want to keep the straw from the wrap package as it makes a perfect packing tool.

Hopefully now you have rolled the perfect blunt and you can skip right to step8… but it’s possible that you have encountered a problem with your blunt such as a rip or tear in your paper or possible even a stem piece poking through a hole in your blunt. Well it’s no worry if you kept a piece of the wrap aside. You can use the thin strip to tear off a band-aide that you can wrap around your blunt and repair your damaged skin. Then you can use a lighter to tighten and dry the patch so that you can insure your blunt is sealed completely so you can draw a hit through it.

Now you can ideally let the blunt sit and dry for a few minutes but you can also use your lighter to gently apply heat along the seal or wet areas of the blunt before lighting. This will help it burn more evenly.

Now we have rolled a perfect blunt and we are ready for the last and best step.

The last step is to smoke your blunt. Grab your lighter and a good friend or two and let it blaze. Light one end, let it burn for a couple of seconds, blow out the fire and puff away. Now pass to a friend and repeat until finished.



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