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How to Roll A Cross-Blunt (Cross Joint): Cannabasics #18

Learn how to get a little closer to God with the divine 5 gram cross blunt! This tutorial will show you step by step how to roll a cross joint or cross blunt so get some blunt wraps, some cannabis and let’s get down to some cannabis divinity!

To complete this tutorial you will need about 4 or 5 grams of cannabis flowers, a sharp tool for poking through the blunts, 2 packs of 2 for a total of 4 blunt wraps. You’ll also need some scissors and optionally a grinder.


  1. Grind the first 3.5 grams of cannabis for your larger base joint. You could also use your fingers as this. You’ll need about another gram for the cross blunt smaller arm so make sure you leave some marijuana for that step.
  2. Once you have your weed prepped you can prep your first two wraps. First use some scissors and trim one of the gum edges off of one of the wraps. Set that gum aside because we need to use it later or put it back in the pack so it does not dry out. Now take a second wrap and use the gum on that wrap to connect the two wraps top to bottom with the gum in the center. Press firmly and wet the gum thoroughly so that the connection is strong then we can move on to rolling.
  3. Roll the Big Blunt as you would normally roll a fat blunt trying your best to keep the diameter the same from one end to the other like a tube shape rather than a cone shape. Make sure you roll it tight enough to hold together and loose enough to pull air through well. You can optionally Add a filter paper tip  if you like. Once completed you should have a nice fat blunt plenty thick enough to run a smaller blunt through it and we are ready to move on to rolling the smaller cross member blunt.
  4. Now grind the remaining 1 gram of cannabis for the smaller blunt. Like before you can use a grinder or you fingers. Next after your weed is ground or broken up you can prep one of the 2 remaining blunt wraps.
  5. You can trim the wrap slightly and then roll the smaller blunt just as you normally would making sure it is tight and an even diameter from end to end. It helps if you can taper the end on at least one end as well to help later in pushing it through the larger blunt.
  6. Now we need to use our poking tool to make hole in the smaller blunt through  the dead center. This hole is to allow air flow from the the larger blunt to pull through the smaller blunt from the center air path of the completed cross blunt. Make sure it is completely through the paper on both sides and free from any obstructions that would prevent airflow.  
  7. Now we must very carefully bore a large hole through the larger blunt big enough for smaller blunt to pass through without tearing it in half.
  8. Twist and push smaller blunt through larger blunt, lining up hole in smaller blunt with air pathway.
  9. Use leftover gum to seal 2 sides of the blunt. Cut remaining wraps gum to seal other 2 diagonal sides.
  10. Let dry, light all 3 sides at once and enjoy!
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