How To Make Marijuana Gummies (With VG Cannabis Tincture): Cannabasics #30

Learn How To Make Marijuana Gummies using Vegetable Glycerin Cannabis Tincture on Cannabasics #30

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Unflavored Gelatin:
Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin:

Ingredients Healthier Version:
2 Tablespoons Cannabis Tincture
1 Cup Fruit Juice/ Kombucha, etc. (Divided)
2 Tablespoon Unflavored Gelatin

Ingredients Easy Version:
2 Tablespoons Tincture
1 Cup Water (Divided)
1 (3.75 oz) Pack Flavored Jello
2 (.25 oz) packs Unflavored Gelatin

Mix gelatin and ΒΌ cup juice set aside
Add remaining juice to saucepan on medium heat. Just before it boils add tincture and mix.
Add gelatin/ juice mixture and mix well.
Pour into greased molds and let cool in refrigerator.

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