That’s right, the Giveaway challenges are back with a new monthly format and better prizes. This month we are giving away a brand new X-Max Max Pack. The April 420 Photo Contest entry, in a nutshell.
1. Take a awesome photo that relates to marijuana
2. Upload it to
3. Share you photo to get ratings and comments to win.

Here is a little information about the prize.
(SAVE $10 with code: 420PHOTOCONTEST through 04/2015)
The X-Max V2 Max Pak includes the awesome X-Max V2 kit as well as an additional battery and an external wall charger. It also includes the upgraded version of the X-Max V2 with the 5 minute auto-cut off. The X-Max V2 is a three-in-one vaporizer is perfect for vaporizing ground marijuana flowers as well as for vaporizing wax concentrates and cannabis oils.

So that is the prize we are giving away. We sell the bad boy for just under $100 on our site which you can check out at the link here. Also, through April we are offering a ten dollar discount on the X-Max V@ Max Pack throughout the month of April. To take advantage of that offer, enter code 420PHOTOCONTEST in the RuffHouse Shop checkout.

And that is the prize for this challenge, so what you may ask is the actual challenge? Well this challenge is going to be pretty easy to enter but maybe a little more challenging to win. The contest is a photo contest and not just any photo. this is a 420 Photo Contest and it’s RuffHouse Studios so you guessed it… we want pictures of marijuana.

You can smoke it, roll it, grow it, or just show it off in a picture. But the point is to share the best picture of marijuana that YOU TAKE yourself on the website I’m about to tell you about now.

Once you have your photo, or to get some inspiration, head over to our new marijuana photo sharing site at

The site is 100% free of course but you will need to sign up, you can use Facebook or Google Plus to sign up in a click.

Then just upload your photo to the site in the 420 Photo Contest category and that is it.

We will pick the winning photo on or around May 1 and announce it in the May contest video.

The winning photo will be judged on the number of positive ratings, the context of the comments and the judgement of the RuffHouse Studios staff so be sure to share the photo and get your friends to help out with some votes, share and comments as well.

If you win, we will send you an X-Max V2. Now because of shipping cost and restrictions, this contest is open to anyone to play along, but to receive the prize, you must be 18 years or older and reside in the united States of America.

So good luck and I am totally looking forward to checking out your work, also don’t forget you can save $10 instantly on the X-Max MAX Pack with the code 420PHOTOCONTEST in the RuffHouse Shop checkout and you can learn more about the prize at the link on the screen or in the description. Also be sure to check out the completely free marijuana photo sharing site at