Airis Tick Premium Cannabis e Juice Vaporizer Review

Airis Tick Premium Cannabis e Juice Vaporizer Review

The Tick from Airis is a very compact vaporizer battery designed specifically for 510 thread e juice cartridges. It features a flip top cap and magnetized adapters to fit almost any standard cartridge and a 650 mAmp battery.

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Airis Tick e Juice Cartridge Vaporizer

Price/ Value
Design Features
Battery Life

The Tick from Aries is an innovative and elegant premium vaporizer that conceals and protects the cartridge while offering 3 voltage settings and an awesome 650 mAmp Class A battery for under $40. Pros and Cons

Pros: 650 mAh class A chip battery Compact, elegant design Cap Protects/ Conceals Cartridge Variable Voltage (3.4/3.7/4.0) Fits most 510 cartridges 3 Colors (Red, White, Black)

Cons: None to mention

5 Stars - The Tick from Airis is Tiny and Awesome
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