Would you like to advertise on RuffHouse Studios?

Have traditional Pay-per-Click advertising outlets been unfair to you because you are a cannabis based business? You are not alone. We have a variety of options to suit your brand’s needs from dedicated product reviews, sponsored videos, and shout-outs. Please see our packages and pricing below. Also, feel free to get in touch to find out more options and see what solution would be a perfect fit for your brand or cannabis product/service.

Available advertising packages on RuffHouse Studios’ Cannabis Culture Network 

Sponsored Videos

  • Sponsored Video: In this option, your product or brand is featured in a 10-15 second commercial in the beginning of one of our popular series such as Cannabasics or Infused Eats. STARTING AT $325
  • Product Placement/Integration: Your product is featured in action in one of our tutorials, recipes, or featured videos. You will gain lots of exposure in a subtle way.  INQUIRE ABOUT PRICE

Dedicated Product Videos

  • With the Deluxe Package, your product is featured in it’s own dedicated video uploaded to our YouTube channel. The video is also pushed to our Twitter and Facebook Social Media Accounts. You will also get a 1 minute video which is published to our Instagram account and can also be uploaded to your own social media account(s).  Also, with the Deluxe Package, if the product is to receive a rating of less than 3 out of 5 stars, we will give the option to withhold the review and offer some other options.  CURRENT PRICE: $1,100
  • Ultimate Month Long Promotion: This promotion includes the features of the Deluxe Review Package but also includes a month long takeover of the Banner Ad Space on RuffHouseStudios.com. You’ll also receive 3 Sponsored Videos(10-15 second commercials) released during the month of the promotion.  INQUIRE ABOUT PRICE

If any of these options sound good, please get in touch to find out more!

Sample Video Reviews: CLICK HERE


RuffHouse Studios accepts the following payment methods: Check or Money order (Made out to RuffHouse Studios), PayPal, Payoneer, BitCoin (Via BitPay), Venmo and Cash app.

Get Started

The best way to find out if advertising with RuffHouse Studios is to get in touch and go from there. We may have custom packages, special offers, discounts or new ideas that may not be represented here. Shoot us an email and someone will get back with you to find out about you and your company or product.

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