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Enjoy This Sous-vide Cannabutter Infused Herb Chicken Breast Recipe Today on Infused Eats Episode 67 Savory slow-cooked moist and succulent cannabutter infused “herbed” chicken breast recipe using the sous-vide method. Full recipe: Sous-vide device: bags/ pump:

Learn How to Make Rosin Chip Cannabutter & Amazing Cannabis Brownies Today on Cannabasics #103. This episode is sponsored by online head shop! Save $$$ with the code RUFFHOUSE Not only is pressing your own rosin a great non-chemical way to extract cannabis concentrates, it’s also an awesome way to make sure you get […]

Learn how to make cannabis infused oils, such as olive, coconut or grape seed, or clarified butter using the Sou Vide method. Not only is this a precise and careful method to make cannabutter but it also can be done with virtually no odor. Also a simple brownie recipe to use the infused oil is […]

Learn How To Make Cannabutter in A Slow Cooker (Crock Pot Cannabis Infused Cooking Oil) today on Cannabasics episode #95. Sponsored by The Weed Box. Save with the code RUFFHOUSE at: One of the oldest and most reliable methods of making cannabutter, the slow cooker is an easy, hands-off method that takes a little […]

Learn How to Make The Strongest Cannabutter or Cannabis Infused Cooking Oil Using an Ethyl Alcohol Extraction today on Cannabasics #94 This method for making cannabis infused butter or oils might seem complicated but it is a safe and effective way to make some of the most potent cannabis cooking oils you can imagine. Below […]

Learn How To Make Cannabutter, or cannabis infused oil, In an Air Fryer today on Cannabasics Air Fryer on Amazon: Air Fryer Cannabuter Recipe (Or Cannabis Infused Olive/ Coconut Oil) Ingredients: 20  ounces butter / olive oil/ Coconut oil .5 – 1  Ounce cannabis flowers (or 2 -3 oz rosin chips) 1  Teaspoon  Sunflower/ […]

Learn How to Make 2 Cannabis Infused Compound Butter Recipes today on Cannabasics Episode 92. Save $$$ with the code RUFFHOUSE. If you find it hard to make edibles, you’re doing it wrong! It’s the Summer of fresh recipes on RuffHouse with cannabis infused recipes inspired by the garden. Two savory compound butter recipes […]

Learn How to Make Extremely Potent Cannabutter or Cannabis Oil using Rosin Pressed Marijuana on Cannabasics Ep. 83 We use both rosin and pressed cannabis chips to safely create an extremely potent pleasant tasting cannabutter or cannabis oil retaining all the medicinal benefits of full plant extraction combined with the high potency of concentrate based […]

Learn How to Make Cannabutter in the Oven Today on Cannabasics we learn a super easy way to make effective cannabis butter or oil in the oven. This method works with clarified butter (ghee), olive oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil and more. It requires only one oven safe dish and will make fully activated cannabis butter/ […]

Learn How to Make Cannabutter, or cannabis infused coconut/ olive oil with Rosin Chips today on Cannabasics. You can easily make great tasting and powerful cannabuter, cannabis infused coconut oil or olive oil using rosin chips left from pressing rosin from cannabis flowers in a Rosin Press Machine. Below are links to the items I […]

Learn How to make very Potent Cannabutter or Canna-oil using a 2-Stage Extraction today on Cannabasics Using the awesome tCheck device we were able to do an experiment to determine if we could achieve a very potent cannabis extraction into butter or oil without wasting our marijuana. We compared a 1 stage and a 2 […]

Learn How To Make Cannabutter With Water For Smooth Taste today on Cannabasics #43 Using this method to make cannabutter will not only significantly mellow the taste of your cannabutter but will also allow you to make a Small Batch of infused butter even if you’re using a large Butter Machine like the Mighty Fast […]