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710 Tips & Tricks #5: BHO Outdoor Blasting with Vacuum Purge Live Resin and Shatter

Welcome to 710 tips and tricks. Today we are making shatter and live resin BHO with vacuum purging.

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Warning: RuffHouse Studios does not condone or recommend the practices shown in this video. It is for informational purposes only. Therefore, if you wish to apply concepts or ideas contained in these video, you are taking full responsibility for your actions and do so at your own risk.

Now here is what was used for this process: A few ounces of Cannabis, several cans of butane, extraction tubes, some alcohol for cleaning the tubes, an electric concealed element hot plate, a pyrex dish fitted with a custom made vacuum purge lid and also a 2 cycle vacuum pump.


Pack Tubes: The dried cannabis flowers are placked into well cleaned extraction tubes. The tubes are often glass but in this case we are using steel tubes modified with with a rubber cap on one end with a fitting for the butane tips and a wire mesh screen on the other end to filter majority of plant material. The tubes are pack almost full with 2 – 3 inches left from the top and the packing is also not very tight so that a strong breath can pass through without too much resistance.
Blast Butane: This part is where is starts to get dangerous as the butane gas can compress and cause fires so we were outside in a well ventilated area when we filmed this. The butane gas can are now inserted into the fitting in the rubber cap and the butane gas is allowed to blast through, but it more runs through and comes out the other end in a trickle. The condensation of the gas causes extreme cold so insulated gloves were used during this entire process as three or four cans of butane are used to strip an abundance of the trichomes, cannabinoids and terpenes into the lightly heated pyrex dish. The glass is thick and heat as well as cold resistant glass. As the butane cans are finished the end of the extraction tubes were deeply frozen with large ice crystals forming all around filter end as the butane passes through into the purging dish. The process t hen moves to the next phase of heat reduction and purging the butane back out of the hash oil.
Heat and Vacuum Purge: In this process as much of the butane as possible needs to removed from the hash oil. The vacuum purge system we are using is a custom made device with a pair of release valves and a negative pressure gauge fixed to an epoxy lid fitting the collection pan almost perfectly with a silicone seal. The pump is placed beneath the table away from the vapors and pulls negative pressure which pulls the butane gas out in large bubbles at first. The valves are closed and opened repeatedly to prevent the bubble from touching the top of the vacuum chamber. This process is continued for hours as the gas bubbles become smaller and smaller until eventually seem to disappear. At this point the top was removed and the oil was agitated a little and then was put back into the heat and vacuum purge and the heat increased a little until it is certain the butane is removed.
Cool and Collect: Once the oil was cooled it was put into the freezer for a few minutes to test it was a shatter consistency. A razor scraper was used to push and collect the shatter which has a very nice reddish amber color and breaks into small regular sized shards. The shards are scraped and collected on the razor knife then transferred to some RAW parchment squares. As the oil heated back up it became a thick taffy consistency and darkened considerably when piled up, It held together very nicely when agitated with the collection tools and seemed stable. There were also some small specks of plant material contaminates that had fallen into the hash oil.

Live Resin: Now for making the live resin version of BHO shatter the exact same process was used with one major difference. Instead of using dried and cure cannabis flowers, you use whole freshly harvested within 24 hours or harvested and frozen fresh. The flowers and leaves were all extracted in this manner to preserve the fresh tastes and terpenes of the fresh flower for a more fragrant and tasteful BHO shatter.

Both the regular shatter and live resin was tested by the RuffHouse crew for quality control by dabbing it and without any scientific credential we felt that it was definitely clean high quality BHO that indeed packed the punch we were hoping for.

This episode ot 710 Tips and Trick was brought to you by the RuffHouse Studios Smoke shop. Wax pens, nails, portable enail and much more at great prices. Save 10% off your order with the code “CANNBASICS”.

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